Sling Guard is a fabulous Australian designed premium quality product not just for your Dog but also designed to protect your Car seats and trim. Cleverly reversible this triple layered construction features an inner padded and 100% waterproof layer between a Heavy-Duty Nylon Fabric and Dense Faux Fur.

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Recommendation Note: Please ensure that the curved profiles of the clips fit together in order to achieve full strength.

The luxurious Faux Fur ensures your dog has a cosy comfortable ride and for the anxious pooch, provides a secure cocoon, our dogs love it and often snuggle down and fall asleep in minutes. No matter what type of hair your dog has the Faux Fur will not allow the hair to penetrate and allows easy cleaning by wiping off hair by hand. Sling Guard helps to keep your car interior clean and will protect your car from whatever your Dog brings in, be it – Mud, Sand, Water and their favourite slobbery ball or toy.

Got a water loving, dirt seeking dog? No problem! as the inner lining of the Sling Guard is not only padded but also 100% waterproof to protect the interior of your car or cargo area. No more wet dog smell in your car upholstery after the beach or getting caught in the rain.

Sling Guard is well made and easily installed. Designed to fit most cars – big or small – sedans / hatchbacks / coupe / wagons / 4WDs via secure clip fastenings that fit around the headrests. After fitting, simply unzip one of the end flaps located on either side to allow your dog easy entry into your car. Use the seat belt access openings to tether your Dog’s harness and ensure their safety. Zip up the end flaps to create a cocooned area for your Dog and provide four-sided protection to your rear seat and door trims.

Sling Guard’s Heavy-Duty construction makes it ideal for small and large dogs. It can be used as a cargo boot liner, the Faux Fur provides a snug option and being 100% waterproof the Heavy-Duty Nylon side is ideal for Doggies that like to go for a swim. It can also be setup up in multiple configurations to cover your entire back car seat or as a half seat cover allowing space for a passenger in the back seat by its side. If you own a 2 door car your dog can access the Sling Guard whilst it is installed in the back seat by unzipping the central zip located between your front seats or the zips on either end – easy access! Zip it back up and ensure they stay in the back.

Made of the highest quality materials, Sling Guard is easily cleaned with either a damp cloth, a quick shake / vacuum, or pop it into the washing machine on the gentle cycle and hang up to dry. Alternatively, hang your Sling Guard on a line and hose it down. Remember the luxury Faux Fur repels hair so that the hair is easily wiped away by hand or a quick vacuum will do the trick.

Sling Guard provides an extra safety measure for your Dog as it does not allow it to fall into the footwell of the rear car seat. With its hammock style shape it also prevents dirt, toys and treats from falling into the footwell. Sling Guard works as a heavy-duty rear car seat protector, so you get the maximum use of your rear car seat no matter what you are transporting, toolboxes, cleaning equipment, groceries etc.

Need room for a human passenger? Easy! simply unzip Sling Guard down the middle then overlap the two halves and your Dog will have its own protected space. Sling Guard’s multiple configurations – entire backseat cover or half seat cover, pet hammock, cargo boot liner make it the best of its kind on the market – check reviews of Sling Guard here

Sling Guard has been designed to be a stylish accessory for your car. It is made of quality luxurious fabric which compliments all interiors. It ensures that either your back seat or your boot has protection from damage by animals, transporting goods or small children.

Sling Guard Features

Triple layered construction features an inner padded 100% waterproof layer between Heavy-Duty Nylon Fabric and Dense Faux Fur
Fully reversible
Designed to fit most small and large cars including SUVs
Central zip allows easy access for dogs who travel in hatchbacks
Hammock style prevents your pet falling into the foot well
Side flaps zip up to protect your door interior panels
Protect your car seats and trim from slobber on all four sides
Central Zip is heavy-duty Stay Up zip
Easy to install - adjustable and secures easily to head rests
Multiple configurations – entire back car seat cover or half seat cover, pet hammock and cargo boot liner
Heavy-duty construction makes Sling Guard ideal for small and large dogs
Luxury Faux Fur and padding helps to reduce Dog travel anxiety
Easily cleaned damp cloth, vacuum, machine wash or hose down
Two seat belt slits access for harnesses to the seat belt clip
Stays firm in place does not slip around
Durability – double stitched, heavy duty buckles, heavy duty zips
Comes with its own bag for easy storage and transport
One year warranty from date of purchase

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