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Bring on the Bones Bibs – Half Trouser Bibs and Superbibs

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For Messy Eaters, Boys That Miss Their Target and Droolers!

Our unique BRING ON THE BONES BIBS are a Lightweight Waterproof garment we customize for your Dog.  They come in 2 styles and 4 sizes – the Half Trouser Bib and the SuperBib.

Both Bibs are comfortable with ease of movement and easy Wash and Wear.  Designed by us the pawfect protection for your Dog’s Chest and Front Legs, acting as a lightweight and waterproof barrier from:

  • Dirt, Grime and Water
  • Debris from Messy Eaters
  • Enjoying a Bone
  • Boys that miss their Target – no more Sticky front legs!
The Half Trouser Bib is constructed similarly to our unique Dog Trouser, however it stops mid body just behind your Dog’s front legs.  It has 2 adjustable Clips, the first  around the Shoulders and the other clip is where the Half Trouser Bib finishes, on the Mid-Body.  This Bib can also be used as a Half Trouser for a walk or run around the Park and will protect front legs, chest and upper underside of your Dog from the elements.
The SuperBib is styled similar to a halter neck with 1 adjustable Clip behind the Neck.  A traditional Bib, but with Front Legs this protects more fur into the Neck area of your dog.  It can be adjusted to sit higher on the neck and is perfect for Droolers.

Both Bib styles are cut to maximize the protection of your Dog’s coat and keep mess and debris from bones and treats at bay. The legs can be pulled down or pushed up depending on how much leg you wish to cover.

To Personalise your Dog’s Bib add a cute Motif or your Dog’s First Name initial on their Chest!

Our products are individually hand-cut and custom made. Please allow 10-14 days for Shipping.

Order 2 or more and get $10.00 off! 
It’s always handy to have a Spare in the Car or at the Holiday House.

If you would like to personalise your Dogs Bib, browse the Motif selection via the PINK MOTIF BUTTON BELOW and then select a Motif from the dropdown list below. If you have chosen a College Initial Motif, please indicate your letter initial choice at Checkout.

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    Bring on the Bones Bibs – Half Trouser Bibs and Superbibs

    AUD $76.00AUD $120.00