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Lightweight Dog Trousers

AUD $98.00AUD $135.00

Weatherproof Petwear has reached a new level – the Underbelly level! The Underbelly and Legs of your Dog have never been kept so clean and dry before! Light enough to be used All Year Round, these ‘Upside-down’ Dog Coats will minimise your post walk grooming time and keep your Home and Car clean.

Say goodbye to dirt, water, grass seeds, burrs and seasonal grass allergens. Lightweight Dog Trousers are very comfortable designed for maximum movement giving your Dog freedom to do all things Dog including sit, run, jump, and play with easy toileting. No need to waste time toweling off underbellies and legs, simply dry their feet, remove their trousers and they’re good to go!

Our Waterproof Pet Apparel are hand-made here in Melbourne Australia with love and extra care to bring all Dog owners a fabulous product.

Currently Australia Post is only offering a courier service to selected International Countries, please contact us for a more economical way to deliver to you.



If you would like to personalise your dog trousers, browse the motif selection via the BLUE MOTIF BUTTON BELOW and then select a motif from the list below. If you have chosen a college initial motif, please indicate your initial choice at checkout.

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    Lightweight Dog Trousers

    AUD $98.00AUD $135.00