Dog Trousers

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No need to waste time towelling and washing off your four-legged friend after every adventure! The Dog Trouser Company has designed a product to make walking dogs an easier and more pleasant experience. With their unique design, the Dog Trousers cleverly only cover what needs covering. They are very comfortable ensuring maximum movement, so your dog can sit, run, jump, play, paddle and toilet, without the hard work at the end.

Frustrated with cleaning your dog after every walk? Our Dog Trousers can protect your pet’s coat from water, urban grime, dirt, sand, burrs and those nasty grass-seeds. Can be used in the wet, dry and on the beach. Dog Trousers mean more fun outside and less time in the bath. The perfect pet accessory for every busy dog owner. Woof Woof!
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Sizing Guide

About our Dog Trousers

We use material that is light-weight, water-proof, wind-proof and rip-resistant, used in the sailing world for its durability and high quality. Alma the Romanian Sheepdog, our chief tester, has been wearing the Dog Trousers in some of the worst weather and most challenging terrain. After many washes they are still as good as new.

Quality is most important to us and we want to ensure you are buying the best product on the market and that your pet is comfortable and happy to wear the Dog Trousers on those long walks. They have been tested on hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Most dogs will not even notice they are wearing them and will carry on as normal – leaping and charging about. Once your pet associates the Dog Trousers with walkies and good times they will become part of the whole outdoor experience.

What size do I need for my pup?

It’s easy – measure your dog’s Body Length, Front Leg Length and finally check that your dog’s weight is within the Average Weight shown. If in doubt you can send us your dog’s measurements during checkout and we will advise the best size for your dog.

Size Guide

Note: This is a guide only. If your dog weighs more or has a longer leg than the suggested Averages or wears a full big coat, we suggest the next size up.

SizeBody Length
(neck to base of tail)
Front Leg Length
(inside armpit to ankle)
Average WeightExample Breeds
XX-Small25 to 30cm7 to 12.5 cm2 to 5kgChihuhua, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle
X-Small31 to 42cm7 to 12.5 cm5 to 6kgAustralian Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jack Russell, Maltese, Moodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Spitz, West Highland Terrier
Small45 to 60cm12.5 to 20 cm7 to 9kgBeagle, Cavoodle, Schnoodle, Cocker Spaniel, Frenchie, Schnauzer
Medium42 to 50cm22.5 to 28 cm10 to 22kgAustralian Sheepdog, Border Collie, English Springer Spaniel, Kelpie, Keeshond, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Wheaten Terrier
Large57 to 67cm28 to 33 cm23 to 32kgGerman Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Groodle, Labrador, Old English Sheepdog, Samoyed, Standard Poodle, Vizsla
X-Large57 to 67cm33 to 38 cm33 to 43kgGerman Shepherd, Old English Sheepdog, Traditionally clipped full-coat Standard Poodle