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Clips Covers – 3 Pack

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Some Show Dog customers asked us to develop a cover for the clips. They are an optional accessory made from the same lightweight fabric as our trousers. Personally, we don’t feel the need to use them on our 2 Old English Sheepdogs with their wooly coats.

We have designed 2 types explained below.

The Slide On Removable Clip Covers can be added to existing trousers and used as needed.
Simply pass the pronged end of the clip up thru the cover and hook it onto the black loop, this will keep it in place.
Then pass the clip closure thru the other end to clip the buckle together.
The Fixed Clip Covers are permanently sewn onto the straps of the trousers or bibs. They are sewn onto the webbing. Simply fold the covers over the secured buckle using the press studs to close.

For customers who have previously ordered our products you can order
Slide On Removable Clip Covers from the drop down below.

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    Clips Covers – 3 Pack

    AUD $18.00