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Personalise Their Pants

Personalised Petwear is on trend and allows your Dog to stand out from the pack.  We have a special selection of Motifs and Letters to give our practical product your personal touch and make our weatherproof dog trousers that act as underbelly coats not only practical, but super cute. Motifs will be limited and subject to change and available to order on Lightweight Dog Trousers shown in SHOP. 

We Love these cute Motifs of Shapes and Letters that personalize your Dog’s Trousers, we think you will too!   Available in limited numbers they range in size between 5cm to 8cm and will be stitched onto the chest area under the toggle where we would normally show our Dog Trousers Australia logo. 

Our Waterproof Pet Apparel is designed and handmade in Melbourne Australia with Love and care to bring all Dog owners a fabulous quality product.

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