Grass seeds can be a real frustration for you and a real pain for your dog, especially in late spring and summer. They commonly lodge themselves into dogs’ paws, ears and eyes. It is important to recognise the signs of a possible grass seed problem early, as this can allow a faster resolution.  Our Dog Trousers will provide a barrier against these nasty seeds and burrs from entering your dog’s underbelly.


Signs of grass seed related problems depend on where the grass seed is lodged. There’s often swelling at the site of lodgement which your dog will become very irritated with. Dogs will try to lick, scratch or chew the affected area. A Vet visit is required to ensure complete removal and treatment.

The shape of grass seeds with their sharp tip means that they can very easily penetrate through your dog’s skin or lodge themselves in your pet’s ears or eyes. Most seeds have an awn that fans out and makes it almost impossible for the grass seed to go backwards – similar to the action of the tip of a fish hook.

Grass seeds can lodge themselves into any part of your dog’s body. They will generally start their journey when they get caught in your dog’s coat during a walk or play in long grass. From there, they are able to penetrate the skin and if undetected, can travel to various areas of the body. Grass seeds carry infection through the skin and into the body and will generally cause a painful swelling which progresses to cause an abscess in your dog.