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Dog Trouser Easy Fit Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your Waterproof Dog Trousers, some people call them Dog Trousers and others Dog Pants.   

Follow the simple instructions below for easy fitting.  

You may find that training treats come in handy for the first few times you put them on.

Give yourself time to get accustomed to the process and we promise after a few wears you and your Dog will never look back, enabling a walk in rain, hail, shine with protection from grass seeds and burrs.

  1. Undo all buckles and release all Velcro on the legs
  2. Put your Dog in a stand position
  3. The Easy Fit opening on our front legs is specifically designed for you to slide your Dog’s legs in with minimum fuss. Begin by feeding the front paws through the trouser one at a time, always being careful with the Dog’s dew claw – after the first leg is a good time for a treat.  Clip the buckle on the front strap over your Dog’s neck – another good time for a treat
  4. Click the buckle on the middle strap into place
  5. Carefully place your Dog’s back legs into the trousers one by one and secure the final strap -this is a good time for praise and treats and the promise of a fun walk for a good boy/girl
  6. Now to secure the Velcro around each ankle. For the front paws we recommend the Velcro is secured above the dew claw.  For the rear legs we recommend the velcro is best secured above the back leg elbow.  We suggest you try various positions to find what works best for your Dog 
  7. With the Dog Pants securely in place, now is the time to adjust the straps over their back ensuring they are neither too tight nor too loose.  Finally, tuck their coat into the Dog Trousers.

    TIP: We like to keep our Dog Pants  in the car so they are there when we need them, they fold easily and tuck away into a compartment – weatherproof petwear has never been so easy!

Dog Trouser Care Instructions

Our Dog Trousers Australia Waterproof Pet Apparel are made from the highest quality fabrics and trimmings, designed and constructed for longevity whilst upholding their appearance.

They are suitable for both hand or machine wash in warm water (30 degrees) with minimal washing powder or liquid and always on a gentle machine cycle. 

We highly recommend our mesh laundry bag at AUD 5.00 to ensure Dog Trouser components are protected during the washing cycle and your Dog has their own laundry bag, rather than sharing yours. 


  • Gentle warm hand or machine wash (30 degrees)
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Drip dry in shade
  • Do not iron

Please note our products should not be washed together with towels or dog blankets as the quality Velcro required to secure your Dog’s trousers is also a magnet for lint and towel fluff. 

Our Waterproof Pet Apparel is designed and hand-made in Melbourne Australia with love and care to bring all Dog owners a fabulous quality product.

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