Gum disease is a serious issue that goes far beyond unsightly teeth and smelly breath. Left to progress it can cause your dog serious discomfort and they may lose teeth. But more than that, the constant bacterial invasion at the gum line is a daily drain on your pet’s immune resources. This is why dogs with gum disease are more susceptible to disease. BUY one of our BRING ON THE BONES Dog Bibs and banish the post bone messy fur clean up.

Dog’s Need Abrasion In Their Diet…

The biting, shearing, crushing action of chewing cartilage and meat on a bone will clean and massage a dog’s teeth and gums, clearing away any food residues that feed the tartar development. 

Raw meaty bones  contain lots of fresh cartilage which is a source of glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin and vitamin C for your dog. Bones also contain lots of protein and minerals vital for strong bone growth, strong teeth and joints. On top of this, raw bones provide some much needed roughage in their diet providing a cleansing/scouring effect on the dogs digestive tract and it also encourages healthy faecal motions that stimulate the anal glands.