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With my love for Dogs, especially our two active Old English Sheepdogs who love to run and play, we wondered if there was a way to help keep them, my car and our home clean and dry.  Introducing Dog Trousers, to protect your dog’s coat and SlingGuard, the King of Car Seat Protectors, which we have been selling since 2018.  Our NEW Lightweight Waterproof Dog Pants are designed by us and made in Australia from great quality fabric and components – nothing beats our products. 

We lead busy lives and like a clean home.  We enjoy walking our Dogs, it keeps them happy and wearing these Waterproof Dog Pants keeps us happy as it minimises post walk clean up and they can join us on the couch sooner for snuggle and snooze.   How many times have you NOT walked your dog due to wet weather?  Now there is no excuse!  Our stylish and comfortable Australian design is a soft waterproof fabric, light as a feather and lets Dogs be Dogs whatever the weather!

'Everything I know I learned from Dogs'

These upside down Dog Coats suit all climates and conditions and will protect your Dog’s belly and legs from water, dirt, sand, burrs and those nasty grass seeds that love to burrow their way into your Pet’s coat and under their skin.  Before Dog Trousers I could spend hours checking over my Dogs for burrs and grass-seeds – not any more!

If your Dog has a grass allergy our Dog Pants can also be worn as a protective barrier for their sensitive skin.  Alternatively, they can be used post-operatively as a barrier to prevent licking of bandages.

It’s important for all Dogs to be exercised daily for their physical and mental wellbeing – a Tired Dog is a Happy Dog – more walks less excuses!

Our Waterproof Pet Apparel is designed and handmade here in Melbourne Australia with love and care to bring all Dog owners a fabulous quality product.

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