I liked the Dog Trousers so much,I had to bring them to Australia

As a busy owner of Henri, a woolly Old English Sheepdog, I struggled to keep him, the car and the house all clean and I knew there had to be an answer somewhere. Over two years and much research I found the solution in Surrey, England!

I met Harriet, the founder, and I was inspired by her vision for practical, comfortable, all-weather Dog Trousers. The perfect answer to my dog cleanliness issues. I brought the product to Australia and with Henri’s help I have thoroughly road-tested it. When Henri required surgery I found another use for the Dog Trousers because they kept Henri’s wounds clean and dry, thereby avoiding the dreaded cone of shame.

Our product is the genuine Dog Trousers, not an imitation. They are quality, hand-made by our dog tailors. Superior components, designed to withstand the most vigorous busy outdoor exercise schedule.

Having introduced the product to other dog owners and dog walkers we have refined the best sizing and colours to suit most dog breeds in Australia. We invite you to enjoy the benefits that the Dog Trousers can bring to your outdoor world!

As Henri says “more walks, less excuses”!

– Mary & Henri