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Letting Dogs be Dogs WHATEVER THE WEATHER !

Weatherproof Petwear has reached a new level – the Underbelly level!  The Underbelly and Legs of your Dog have never been kept so clean and dry before!  Light enough to be used All Year Round, these ‘Upside-down’ Dog Coats will minimise your post walk grooming time and keep your Home and Car clean.

Lightweight Weatherproof Dog Pants

Say goodbye to dirt, water, grass seeds, burrs and seasonal grass allergens.

Our Dog Trousers can also be used in the Snow to keep your Snow Bunnies dry and comfortable while they play.

Lightweight Dog Trousers are very comfortable designed for maximum movement giving your Dog freedom to do all things Dog including sit, run, jump, and play with easy toileting access. No need to waste time towelling off underbellies and legs, simply dry their feet, remove their trousers and they’re good to go!

Designed and made in Melbourne Australia with love and care, our Lightweight Dog Pants are made of a soft, and waterproof fabric.  There is no Whoosh Whoosh noise as your dog moves and with our signature Easy-fit leg design they are easy to fit and very comfy to wear.  Watch our product video below to learn more. 


Benefits of our Australian Lightweight Products

Lightweight and Waterproof

Allergy/Barrier Protection

Quality material, reinforced seams

Australian Company

Easy Care & Machine Washable

High Quality Car Seat Pet Protector

SlingGuard is a fabulous Australian designed premium quality Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover, not just for your Dog but also designed to protect your car seats and interior trim. This superior product is designed to handle our harsh Australian climate and whatever your Dog brings into the car, be it dirt, sand, water or their favourite slobbery ball. Cleverly reversible with a quality triple layered construction, SlingGuard features an inner padded 100 % waterproof layer between a Heavy-Duty Denier Fabric and Dense Faux Fur.



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Lightweight Waterproof Trousers

Personalise Their Pants

High Quality Car Seat Protector + Leads


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